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Tips for All

Law Offices of Richard E. Falcone (retired)

Colorado Workers' Compensation Attorney but presently retired and not available for advice or representation

Social Security Disability Lawyer though retired at this time

At the Law Offices of Richard E Falcone, P.C., when we were actively practicing we provided injured workers with accurate information regarding their Social Security Disability benefits and/or workers' compensation claim. You may contact us by email for messages but Mr Falcone is retired and not taking any legal matters at this time. Phone calls cannot be accepted given Mr Falcone is retired and not active.

  • Never rely on the accuracy of the information provided to you by the insurer or your employer. Maybe it's okay, but often their interest is not the same as your interest. For example many times someone with your employer may tell you that that it is too late to make the claim. This is usually erroneous. 


  • Always double check the wage they say you were earning when you were injured. This appears on paperwork you are sent in most cases. Your benefits are based, to an extent, on your average weekly wage. This means overtime counts. Disputes are common here but generally the higher your wage the higher your benefits. A Colorado court case favorably ruled in December 2008 on this subject. To read it check out workers comp cases at our blog.


  • Always tell your authorized doctor all that is wrong with you. If you hurt your neck and arm, mention both areas of injury every time you see him. If you're having stress or trouble coping with your injury, or if you are depressed, by all means, tell the doctor. This may be covered by workers' compensation benefits.


  • Do not accept the company doctor as the final word on matters without at least considering it carefully. It is sad, but true, that some company selected doctors say you are fully recovered and release you without restrictions or any impairment. Often that is not the case. You have a right to disagree and to do something about it! This often means you must timely act so be careful!


  • File your claim in writing, the sooner, the better! When in doubt, go ahead and file your claim. Insurance companies can legitimately question whether you were hurt on the job if you delay filing your claim. However, even if there is a delay, go ahead and file - you may lose some benefits, but not all.


  • Don't wait until there is trouble or until the end of your case to get a lawyer. Your attorney would prefer to be involved every step of the way, to monitor your care, to guide you, to prevent trouble, and to assist you. You know the old saying - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The point is, if you use an attorney, he will be paid from your proceeds. You want those proceeds to be as high as legally possible. So does he - so give him enough time to do this.


  • Unless you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of your claim, always file, with the Division of Workers' Compensation, an objection to any document sent to you by the insurance company with which you disagree. Especially object to something called a Final Admission of Liability. This document is an effort to close out your claim. It may even close out all further medical benefits. Again, if you have any uncertainty whatsoever, contact us and ask for an appointment.


  • Always consult with a lawyer experienced in this field. It is free and it will really assist you. I know many people think of lawyers as they do dentists - a painful experience. However, it could be a good deal more painful to your health, and your wallet, not to consult with a lawyer whenever you are hurt! In workers' compensation, your lawyer is on your side, he is not the enemy. His task is to maximize your benefits. That's good for you and it's good for him. You don't have to stick with a lawyer you don't like. It is your right to find a lawyer you are comfortable with. Remember, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and a very good one too! Having a workers comp claim is very stressful. Medical care, financial troubles, and employment worries are just part of the story for many people. So please, please, get with a lawyer whenever possible!

At the Law Offices of Richard E. Falcone, our goal was to maximize client benefits. Contact us by email but only to leave a message as Mr Falcone is retired and no longer practicing. Mr Falcone is inactive and retired. 

Generally in these areas you pay no Attorney Fees unless the attorney obtains compensation for you.  You simply have much to gain with an attorney and often benefits are much much higher than doing it on your own.

With Most Attorneys Your Initial Consultation is Free of Charge though Mr Falcone is retired and not handling legal matters at this time! Still an experienced attorney can give most people a better outlook and the legal worries, the deadlines, the paperwork, the hearings if needed are handled by him or her.

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