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     OKAY....for those who want to skip all the details and get to the bottom line we present just straight talk. It is all you really need to help you decide what to do:

1. GET AN ATTORNEY. Why? Workers Comp and Social Security disability are a maze of rules and laws. Deadlines are frightening. It is downright dangerous to go it alone. Try to retain an attorney who will seek to max out your benefits. He will take care of the maze of rules and deadlines. Is such an attorney worth it? The last year with Colorado statistics (2004) reveals that in settlements an attorney more then doubles the final sum. Plus he may also increase your medical care when the insurance wants to stop it. In serious injuries when you may no longer be able to work attorneys are vital. For more information check out our workers compensation blog.

2. Does workers compensation or Social Security fully protect you? NO
. You are not fully protected. The laws are put in place by the government. It is not always fair, it is not always just but still it is better then what we had 100 years ago which was zero! If you have a claim get going to obtain your full medical and financial benefits. It can be done in most cases with an attorney who will stand up for you.

3. If the insurance is being nice do you still need an attorney? GOOD GRIEF! YES! At the end of the case they close the claim unless you protect yourself. Go it alone at your own peril.  Even with an attorney the going gets tough to obtain just what you are entitled to receive. So when the going gets tough...get a lawyer. Most people really do get more benefits with an aggressive attorney.

4. They tell you that its too late and you only can get what they are giving you or even nothing at all. True? Nope that is unlikely
. People are fed this line all the time by employers, adjusters or clerks. You'd be amazed how much can be done in many cases. Thousands of dollars can be awarded in medical and comp benefits even after they say your case is closed. But act fast so get the help you need. Not all employers or insurers are this way but at the end of your case they want it over at the lowest cost possible. They tend to minimize the claim and that is not in your best interest.

5. Do I even have a good case? Use your common sense. The fact your claim is disputed or contested or denied is not the end of the case provided you stand up for yourself. Your lawyer will do just that for you. Guarantees? You only get those with a product like a muffler or toaster. Yet we have taken tough cases and obtained far more benefits for our clients. We have won cases where the other side is a company such as King Soopers, Walmart,  the Broadmoor, a nursing home or a big construction company. We have successfully gone up against all the major insurance companies for our clients. Need help? Call an experienced attorney but Mr Falcone is retired and no longer handles cases.  By the way we only represented people with claims never a company or insurance. There was never a question about our loyalty or integrity...we helped the injured and disabled not the other side ever! And that is a fact for over 30 years.

Contact us by email at   Mr. Falcone has practiced in Colorado for over 30 years and also is a Board member of Larson's National Worker's Compensation Advisory Board. He maintains a BLOG which has current news and info about workers compensation and Social Security Disability. NOTICE: Mr Falcone is retired and cannot take any legal matters but encourages others to obtain attorney advice on their case whenever possible. 

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