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Social Security Disability

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Colorado Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Attorney
Now Retired but How We Fought For Each of Our Clients!

Colorado Workers Compensation

  • Contested or admitted cases
  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Heart attacks
  • Shoulder, arm, hand injuries
  • Hip, leg and foot injuries
  • RSD or now called CRPS
  • Any injuries with serious complications
  • We would handle all the paperwork and all the hearings, depositions, motions, and negotiations for settlement or if need be appeals as merited.


     Information we used to provide for existing clients but be aware Mr Falcone is now retired so: "We deal with the adjuster or attorney and provide you with advice and guidance to get you through the entire process from the date we take your case to the resolution by settlement or hearing. We charge legal fees on a contingency basis. This means we are paid only when you are paid. Legal fees and costs are explained in writing to you. We'll work very closely with you. That means communicating and returning all phone calls (something not everyone does). You own your claim and deserve someone who'll stand by you and with you. At every important point you are advised, often in writing, and we are always available by appointment. When the insurance questions your treatment or compensation, when it disputes anything we shall take you side. Every client receives a wealth of handouts that explain workers compensation. We only ask of you when we take your case that you listen, tell the truth and cooperate with us so we can help obtain all your benefits. All appointments we set up are free! By the way it can take over an hour but it's important we take the time to do it right. You deserve to know all about your case." Note: Mr Falcone is now retired and does not handle any matters though he does write his comments and observations. Specific legal advice should be sought from an active and not retired attorney.

     View our nationally recognized award winning workers comp blog for all the latest news on Colorado workers comp click HERE.

Social Security Disability 

     There is nothing fun about filing a Social Security Disability claim. The vast majority of people are denied at the first stage.

You may think you are severely disabled and can no longer work but no matter how old or young you are, no matter how restricted you are, no matter how much pain you must deal with, few claims are granted at the first stage. If you are one of the fortunate few then you likely won't need an attorney. But if you are denied you must appeal for a hearing. This process takes several months (at present over a year). This is where an attorney can do the most good. He should review the file, plan for the hearing, obtain further needed medical reports from your doctors or suggest doctors to see. He should also review the legal and vocational considerations. He should get you ready for the hearing. All this we've done for our clients and should be done by your attorney. It includes making them aware of the local system and how it operates at the hearing office. All of a client's personal details such as work history, health concerns and legal determinations need be reviewed. Back benefits due claimants can be many thousands of dollars on top of ongoing monthly checks.

    When a lawyer takes a case it is likely on a contingency basis. You obtain an experienced attorney who is only paid if you are awarded benefits. Even then his fee agreement is sent to the Social Security Administration for review and approval. Social Security pays you and also sends a check to your attorney. You'll never have to pay any legal fees until he succeeds and even then it is all handled by the Social Security Administration. So an experienced attorney can make this very difficult process with all its delays as easy as possible for you. Call at (719) 505-8584 but be aware that Mr Falcone is retired and not handling any further matters. You should seek an experienced attorney for legal help in this area. Referrals and assistance cannot be provided and callers may leave a message but be aware Mr Falcone is retired and cannot return all calls.

You may email us but we no longer accept calls.  We used to provide free initial consultations in all appointments when set by us but Mr Falcone is retired and not taking on any further matters nor can he return all phone calls.  When we took an appointment we planned for one hour since it takes a while to fully review every claim and its legal status. The point is to seek an appointment and expect it may take time to review with the attorney.

 We only would handle Colorado Workers Compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims. We would handle nothing else so our entire day was dedicated to these areas and our clients. By the way every case was  handled by an attorney not an assistant or secretary. The staff would assist the attorney and can be helpful but in all the critical areas of any claim it is the attorney who personally decided what action to be taken and how best to get ready for any hearing or settlement.
That is simply essential in every case!
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