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Welcome! What You Need to Know If You're Injured       
Comments by a retired Colorado Attorney

If You Are Hurting.....

If You Are Injured.....

If You Are Disabled....

If You've Had a Work Injury...

This website is maintained by a retired and inactive Colorado attorney. We have provided legal represention for the injured and disabled for over 30 years although no longer practicing and retired.  Our tips and helpful resources are provided by an attorney now retired but experienced in settlements, hearings and appeals. They represent a commentary but are not legal advice for which you should seek out an active attorney. One more thing...our award winning blog alerts you to current news and insights.

Don't count on the insurance to protect you! That's a huge mistake. Having an experienced attorney can mean 50%, 100%, 200% or more in benefits.  Contested claims can be fought and won!  In admitted cases added benefits can be obtained. Here's what you should do out an attorney experienced in handling claims. At this time Mr. Falcone is inactive and retired so he is no longer handling cases but encourages you to seek out an attorney. This field is incredibly complicated so do not assume it is simple and you are protected. Be smart enough to get legal advice from a practicing attorney.   

 Richard E. Falcone is a member of .... Larson's National Worker's Compensation Advisory Board and has practiced in Colorado Springs over 30 years but is now retired and no longer practicing.  He has in the past only represented injured workers and those seeking Social Security disability. At present he maintains this site and a blog to post his comments and news in those areas he deems important.


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               When You Decide You Need Help....

When you've been seriously injured or disabled then you may have a claim in Colorado Workers Compensation or for Social Security Disability. 
Important Notice: Mr. Falcone is retiring and not taking any further cases or legal matters so this website is informational only. He strongly believes anyone with a claim should obtain an experienced attorney to help because this area is extremely complicated and time sensitive. The below represents my commentary on various matters but for advice and representation seek an active, practicing attorney.  

     Colorado workers compensation is not an easy process to be involved with. There are deadlines, doctors, problems and fears. The law is a maze of rules and cases that may defy common sense. But the most important thing to realize is that your goal is to get well, get paid and be able to return to work if at all possible. If not, then your future concerns must be addressed so you are highly compensated. The insurance company has a different agenda. It wants your claim closed at the least expense. They may even contest your claim (that happens 25% of the time).  But an experienced attorney can and will seek to maximize your benefits. It means making sure your medical, financial and legal benefits are fully provided to you.  Your attorney takes charge of the legal battles but when possible negotiates and seeks reasonable solutions. So when you go through this you are not have professional representation when you most need it. Does it work? YES! Over and over again we've successfully sought and obtained more medical care and increased benefits for our clients though we no longer are active. See our Successful Cases page.

     For those facing long term disability and financial loss from health problems there are Social Security Disability benefits. Yet it involves a crush of paperwork and delays. Most people seeking benefits are denied them. DO NOT GIVE UP! You may well be eligible and entitled to benefits.  

     Most of the time an attorney consultation is free and an experienced attorney if he decides to take your case will do so on a contingency. That means you need not be concerned about any legal fees unless you are successful in your case although out of pocket costs can be an item to deal with. Your attorney may need to have certain costs paid such as a doctor's report or testimony. On those matters some arrangement needs to be made and most attorneys will work with you on it.

   So further explore this website for more details and helpful hints. We do have the usual disclaimer detailed below that for specific and personal legal advice use an attorney not this website. Call an attorney and seek advice as this site is informational only!
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